About reservation

Q. Can I make a reservation before the day that I hope?
A. You can make booking up to three months in advance from our website.
Q. Can solo traveler stay as well?
A. Solo guests are welcome.
Q. Can I use the hotel with my pets?
A. Unfortunately, no animals are allowed in the hotel.
Q. Can I chose to have breakfast only or can I chose to have no meals plan?
A. Yes, you can choose no meals plan and breakfast only.
Q. How do I cancel or change my reservation I have already made?
Q. If I need to cancel my booking will I pay cancellation fee?
A. You can cancel a booking directly from the hotel website. Please refer to the reservation confirmation to verify.
Q. What should I know about staying with children?
A. Children age 5 or under who will be sleeping with their parents can stay for free.
Children between 6 and 11 will be charged child prices. The prices are 75% of adult rate for each plan. Children 12 or above will be treated as adults.
Q. Are the charges different from a day of week?
A. The charges are depend on weekdays or the day before holidays.

About cuisine

Q. What time is dinner served , and breakfast?
A. Dineer: 6:00pm. - 8:00pm. / Breakfast: 7:30am. - 9:00am.
Q. Do you cater to guests who have special dietary needs due to allergies or religious reasons?
A. We will substitute items from our regular menu as possible. If you need, please let us know before.
Q. Do you have a-la-carte dish?
A. Yes, we have many dishes. Please contact us by mail.
Q. Can I order a-la-carte dish after check-in?
A. Almost of menus are available, but Sashimi (Iwana Sashimi, Ginhikari Sashimi) is need to reserve in advance.
Q. Is a special menu available for children and baby?
A. We have special menus for children, no baby foods.
Q. Are there any Bar in the hotel?
A. You can enjoy Sake, Wine, in restaurant.
Q. Can I bring in my own drink in restaurant?
A. Please refrain from bring in your drink.
Q. Do you have room service in the hotel?
A. We regret that we do not provide room service.

About room and facility

Q. How many guests per room?
A. 5 persons can stay each room. If you choose the Japanese-style (22 Tatami mats), the maximum number of guests is 8 persons.
Q. Do you have a room with bed?
A. Yes, Combination Japanese-style room have Tatami mats and Twin bed.
Q. Do you have any non-smoking rooms?
A. We do. Please book non-smoking room when you make your reservations. Rooms that do not have non-smoking type use deodorizers.
Q. What views are available from the guestrooms?
A. You can enjoy the nice country view.
Q. What sort of amenities do you provide in the room?
A. In the room, with toilet, washroom, drier, television, bath towel, wash cloth.
Q. What sort of amenities do you provide?
A. Public Bath have shampoo, rinse, body soup.
Q. Is there a room bath in the guestrooms?
A. Please enjoy public bath and open air bath. There are no rooms with a room bath.
Q. Do you have any open-air style bath?
A. We do. You can use open air style bath within business hours.
Q. Do you have any private baths?
A. Sorry, not available.
Q. How late do you put in a hot spring?
A. From 3:00pm to 0:00am
Q. Are there any soap and shampoo in the public bath?
A. Public bath have shampoo, conditioner, shower gel.
Q. Can the person who have tattoo use the public bath?
A. Sorry, not available.
Q. Can I use the internet?
A. You can access the wireless LAN(Wi-Fi) near the front desk.
Q. Is parking available? Free parking?
A. Yes, parking is free.


Q. What time is the check-in and check-out?
A. Check-in begins at 3:00pm. Check-out is 10:00am.
Q. Would you keep my baggage until check-in time?
A. Yes, the hotel will look after your baggage in a storage room.
Q. Is early check-in available?
A. Early check-in is not available, please wait at lobby space till 3:00pm.
Q. If I find that I am arriving later, please contact us.
A. If you arrive at hotel after 6:00pm, please inform us in advance. Dinner time is from 6:00pm-8:00pm.
Q. I want to check out after the stated check-out time . What should I do?
A. Late check-out is available for 1,500JPY per hour per room until 11:00am.
Q. Can I use only lunch?
A. Yes, you can use our lunch.If you choose the Tsumikusa plan, please make a reservation for restaurant.
Q. Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance?
A. Yes, we will be glad to hold them at the front desk. Please send your luggage to the hotel.
Adress: 2537-2 Tsukiyono, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 379-1313 Japan.
Q. Can you arrange special requests on the anniversary or birthday?
A. You can use special cake(decorated birthday cake) a charge. Please inform us in advance.
Q. When staying multiple nights, can I use the room after 10:00a.m.?
A. Yes, you can use the room after 10:00a.m. If you prefer specific time for housekeeping, please contact our front desk.
Q. Can I use the payment by credit cards?
A. You can use VISA, MASTER Card and AMMEX.
Q. How much is my rate including tax?
A. Room fee is included in the total price. If you choose the optional one, it will be charged.
Q. Can I use a gift card?
A. You can use the payment by only JPY or credit cards.
Q. Do your staff speak any foreign languages?
A. Not available. For foreign guests, we have prepared sufficient information in English.
Please confirm our information book.
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