Guest Rooms

Combination Japanese-style(8 Tatami mats / 14m² / 151 sq ft ) and Western-style(Twin bed) with Lavatory

Recommended the guests who would like to sleep in a bed. Have relaxation in Japanese-style Tatami room and sleep soundly in comfortable beds.


Japanese-style(10 Tatami mats / 18m² / 194 sq ft ) with Lavatory

broad veranda
Recommended the guests who would love to experience Japanese culture. Lay out the futon bedding on the Tatami when you get a sleep. Relax with family, friends all together.


Japanese-style (22 Tatami mats / 36m² / 387 sq ft) with Lavatory

Enormous room maximum for 8 people. Recommend big family or 2 families even. Relax in the spacious comfortable room.


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